Kick! Project

Gent 2007

Kick! Project, a cura dello SMAK Museum, Ospedale AZ Maria Middelares.

A room can exhaust our existence, especially when we get sick. Thou the passive body, forced to stay in bed, shows an intrinsic movement: our eyes ramble on the walls, through a window, towards the place of dream and imagination. The body keeps moving. Inside and outside. The room becomes a subtle fence: a mobile, yet sensitive edge: the privileged space of interiority. For Kick box project, S.M.A.K., Donatella Spaziani realized a multiple wallpaper: 7 great sheets - printed with a series of 10 figures - cutted to shape 70 parts to allow variable sequences and to gather a new whole. The multiple wallpaper evokes a simultaneous landscape of the inner and outer space, where the body can only respond by changing its shape. Further: the design figures redesign one room layout, awake the attention and look after the patient like little penates: the Roman gods of the household worshipped in close connection with Vesta and with the Lares. Silent presences to embrace the person as a whole universe. And the gravity of the flesh becomes the occasion to experience our body and its infinite abilities to answer and recover as being "in the world". Ilari Valbonesi